Learn to read books and open a different life

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On the way to take the children to the library, there is a small bookstore. When we come back from the library, we often go there to read books.

The bookstore is located on the corner of the street, about a dozen square meters in this rich commercial street, like a piece of pure land, quietly exists.

The store is a 50-year-old uncle. Hearing that the bookstore was from his mother, it has been in operation for more than 40 years.

The coffee shops and clothing stores at the two ends of the bookstore have been attributed to their homes many years ago.

More than a decade ago, after his mother died, he took over the bookstore, but at that time the Internet was now on the rise, and fewer and fewer customers were buying books. In order to maintain his business, he divided the bookstore into two and half of it to the coffee shop. Later, I had to cut a part and rent it to the clothing store.

“There are some old customers who will still come often, but new customers are getting less and less. I don’t know which day, I have to close the store directly,” said Uncle.

After the expiration of the day, it is really closed.

My daughter saw that the bookstore has now become a flower shop. I wonder: Mom, why is the bookstore gone?

In the face of her daughter’s question, I was speechless.

Although, I know in my heart, now that the Internet book is affected, the living space of physical bookstores is getting smaller and smaller. In Australia, it is hard to escape in China.

A while ago, the news of the closing of the Shanghai Monsoon Bookstore has made many readers feel awkward.

But the disappearance of the bookstore is because more and more people “do not read”?

A domestic friend who works in the media mentioned a data in his early years. In recent years, the sales volume of domestic book publications has always been added as a percentage of double digits per year.

In other words, it is a change in consumption habits that forced the physical bookstore to retreat. No, we really don’t study.

If this is accurate information, then this is always good news.

Whether it is to book a bookstore or buy a book online, as long as you can maintain the habit of reading, in this ordinary trivial day, you can always steal a half-day leisure, in the dawn of the book, find a moment Quiet and indifferent.


The English version knows about Quora, I have seen a story and talk about the meaning of reading.

An old farmer lives in a farm with his young grandson. When he gets up every day, he will sit at the table and read the Bible.

One day, my grandson asked: “Grandpa, I tried to read the Bible like you, but I can’t fully understand it, and when I close the book, I forget the content.

What is the use of reading?

Grandpa took out a basket of coal and let his grandson go to the river to go to the water.

Sun Zi came back and forth and tried it many times. The bamboo basket was always empty, and there was no water in the basket.

He went to ask Grandpa, Grandpa prompted him to look inside the basket.

When the grandson saw it, the darkened basket had been washed and washed by the water he had loaded back and forth!

Grandpa said: Children, this is the same as when you are studying.

When you read a book, you may not understand it at the moment, or you may forget it after reading it, but in fact, reading has already played a role in you. From the inside out, you will accumulate and you will eventually gain. .


Some people say that common sense changes fate, and reading changes themselves. Reading should be the lowest in the world, the way to change yourself.

Mr. Li Ka-shing, Chinese Light, did not finish school in middle school. When he was 12 years old, he became an apprentice. At the age of 15, he began to earn money to support his family.

He recalled when he was interviewed. At that time, after working in the daytime, he would buy some old books from school at night, and then the old books he had finished selling would be sold and exchanged for “new” old books. I will go to the evening school for further study and tutoring common sense.

As entrepreneurs, some people succeeded overnight, but only fleeting, the situation of a few years disappeared.

Li Ka-shing’s corporate kingdom can be used in business international for decades, and he is inseparable from his habit of studying and learning, and seeking new knowledge from time to time.

Li Ka-shing, now 88 years old, has been keeping the habit of reading at night before going to bed for decades.

He watches an hour of books every night, mainly in pre-history, philosophy, technology books, and economic magazines.

Every morning, the first thing that Li Ka-shing went to the office was to read the newspaper that was prepared by the secretary. Then start listening to news statements, learn about international trends, and understand what happened in the business community.

That is to say, from the beginning of getting up to the end of sleep at night, Mr. Li is constantly reading, learning and studying new knowledge every day.

When talking about success, he seriously advised on TV on his early days: “Common sense can’t decide the addition of your lifelong wealth, but your timing will definitely increase. When you invent the opportunity, it is the best way.”

“Xiao Song Qi Tan” and “Qi Yu Shuo” program, let people have wisdom and knowledge of Gao Xiaosong’s extensive knowledge and rich common sense storage.

Someone described him: knowing astronomy, knowing the earth. The model of “reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles” is none other than him.

But Gao Xiaosong’s fame was as early as 20 years ago. At that time, he led the trend of campus singing, and so far, the 70s and 80s are relished. The subsequent “drinking” incident also made him enter the speech storm for the first time.

In 2011, Gao Xiaosong, a lofty young man who was at the top of his life list, was suspected of drunk driving and causing violations. After the “drunk driving” behavior was proved, he did not defend, did not shirk, and honestly confessed his crimes and began his six-month prison days.

How did Gao Xiaosong spend this half year?

After he was in prison, he first began to read the Encyclopedia Britannica. He said that for many years, he had always read the “Encyclopedia Britannica” and only walked for small things for a long time. He thought that this expectation would be completed by retirement at the age of 60.

“I didn’t expect that in the small reading room of the detention center, there was a whole set of unopened ones. I only saw the B-head now. The light notes have already run out of a refill, because only pens are allowed to write in prison. ”

In addition, Gao Xiaosong, under the advice of his old friend Feng Tang, began to translate the original works of Garcia Marquez and created a collection of poems and a script.

Shortly after he was released from prison, Gao Xiaosong began the recording of Xiao Xiao.

In this common sense talk show, he improvised the pre-history, commented on the characters, the papers, talked about the hot, and watched the international, and was deeply sought after by netizens. It also became a veritable common sense network red.

As a representative of the “clear stream” that is invaluable in the entertainment industry, Gao Xiaosong’s talent and knowledge are not completed overnight.

The family environment of Shuxiangmen gave him the versatile conditions of learning from a young age. However, if he grows up, he will lose his reading habits. In the early years, he will accumulate rich common sense, and he will not be able to reach the thickness and breadth of the current quotation and export.

For Gao Xiaosong, reading has become a habit. He said that reading for himself is like eating, not a kind of seeking, but a normal day.

Talking about the meaning of reading, he said: “Reading is to make yourself a person who is not too embarrassed. What is poetry and distance? It is to make yourself more broad. Reading is a process of making yourself broad.”


I agree with Jiang Fangzhou’s early words: If a person does not read a book, then his values ​​will be decided by his relatives and friends.

Those who do not study can’t get new knowledge from multiple ways. All his cognition comes from the TV network media, or from the gossip of people around him.

His vision and format are thus resolved by others.

People who use mobile apps frequently, it’s not hard to find that the news and hot pushes you see every day are the same.

If you like to watch gossip, open the phone, gossip information will come to the surface; if you click on a few times football may be economical, then football and economic push will take the initiative to appear on the screen.

This kind of active customization is convenient and convenient. Even if your fingers don’t need to move, someone will generate it for you. But the downside is also obvious. Everything you touch every day is a thousand people. If you often rely on it to become your information and common sense, you can imagine that your vision and format will only become narrower and more and more One-sided.

In this way, after a lifetime, it may not be salty or light, and it will not hurt. However, it is sad to be judged by the concept of others and the life of right and wrong.

The values ​​of the news media and friends and relatives may make you feel at home, but reading can keep you a rare fairy.

As long as this scent, the talents will make you crowded, release your exclusive temperament, and even change your life format without knowing it.

Zang Kejia said: After reading a good book, it is like paying a friend.

This friend can use your words to stir your mind and influence your consideration.

A person, without repeated repetition of reading, his brain will become more and more lazy, his eyes will become more and more shallow, and gradually, his thoughts will be stagnant, and the growth is naturally difficult to complete.


When reading constitutes a habit, it is something that can be sent to you when you are free.

You will not be afraid of loneliness and solitude. On the contrary, you will cherish the rare glory of being alone. Enjoy an in-depth dialogue between the book and the text in this free space, with authors from different resumes, different ages, and different civilizations.

Another entertainment circle, Qing Lei, represents Huang Lei and also talked about how he enjoyed reading.

He said, “One person, close the door, read the book, will be close to the self. This kind of time will feel peace of mind, do not feel lonely.”

In fact, reading can not only ease loneliness, relieve loneliness, but also allow you to experience the different experiences of life together.

In the post-student era, we have no time to go into the lecture hall and read the literature, history and philosophy, so that we can keep our thinking clear and quick-thinking;

Ordinary characters are inevitably vulgar for a long time, reading celebrities, can bring us different life enlightenment;

We don’t have the money, we don’t have time to go around the mountains and play with the water, we can help us to broaden our horizons and understand different customs and customs.

Whether it is the workplace white is still the elite of the workplace, some of the feasibility of the supply of books in the workplace can help us to bypass some detours;

The moonlight family mortgage family and the old people, if you look at the financial books, you may be able to learn the skills of reasonable distribution of income, and move toward financial freedom in advance.

There is a saying in English: A house without books is like a room without windows.

There are no books in the house, just like the room has no windows.

A room with a book is full of room. And you who read the book, in the trivial days of daily busy running, there is light in the eyes, there is expectation in the heart.