A little view on ancient books

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Suddenly there is an idea that some of the ancient books we have seen so far are written by the original author. Whether it is searched online or bought in a bookstore, all books of course include four books and five classics, philosophers, and twenty-four history.

As far as Laozi’s Tao Te Ching and Zhuangzi’s books are concerned, the texts that we usually see have a lot of texts, and the gap is also very large, so there is a big difference between the popular and the texts unearthed by Mawangdui. Is the original text written by the original author unearthed from the Mawangdui? That’s not necessarily because the Mawangdui tombs are hundreds of years old from the original author. Who can say that they have not been changed?

Who is changing these books? Why did you change it? The first is that some people don’t want future generations to know what is written in the book, and the second is for political purposes like Laozi Zhuangzi involves some pre-Qin period qi training! If they are mastered, there may be some people who are not controlled by the rulers at that time. Because these people are powerful and uncontrollable, they threaten the interests of the rulers. They are books like the Book of Changes, if these The magic is learned by some people who are not in control. It can threaten the interests of the rulers. As long as it is harmful to the interests of some interest groups, it cannot escape the fate of being tampered with.

It has always been the tool used by some people to promote themselves and to fool others. It has always been regarded as a foolish people, and it is the best choice for brainwashing the people. Therefore, although some books cannot escape the fate of being tampered with, they are still handed down. Up

In the book, the content of some books, or affecting the interests of some groups, or being rejected by some people, the book that has been tampered with contemporary must be as beautiful as possible to please the ruling class, even if there are some honest people, write some real Things will also be destroyed by the rulers, and they will not be circulated. Occasionally some books of this road will be passed on to the next dynasty, and will be magnified by the rulers of the next dynasty. Rewriting, in order to beautify yourself, it is impossible to smear your own things, let it stay, and put some wrong things into the former dynasty to write good things into their own, in the early books to be used, according to their own The need to modify and use it for all. The history we have seen should be repeatedly modified. How many of them are true is not good.

Otherwise, what do the cadres of the dynasties have raised so many literati? Nothing to raise and play? In modern times, did Qing Emperor Kangxi not modify the four books and five classics, and various ancient books? Revise some books that wrote history and write contemporary books, and even even all the ancient books have changed their bindings, and they are also famous: Correcting the mistakes of the ancient books, is not changing some of the disadvantages for themselves, and changing them according to their own wishes, so they have also made a written prison. No matter who rules the ruling, it is impossible to allow the existence of things against them. Even the books left in ancient times must be It is used by the contemporary rulers, otherwise there is no value of its existence. It is that some of the things written at that time are familiar to everyone, and there is no way to write too different kinds of things. They need to be basic and true, but their descendants after dozens of hundred years. Seeing those books that are not conducive to their ancestors will be modified to show how great their ancestors are.

Jiangshan is the ruler. The common people are only the property of the ruler. The ruler will start a war in order to obtain more property. Don’t tell me, you think that the ruler is dying for war and war for his own cattle and sheep. It’s the people, the ruler is the winner, and occasionally it’s too much to play. If you lose, you have to pay for the land. The land is to lose your slaves like a cow and a sheep. The accompanying money is to take out the profits created by your slaves. Lost to others, the ruler can sit on the temple to create profits? The profits are all exchanged by the people for their blood and sweat, that is, the ruler’s cattle and sheep slaves created. So the ruler is losing in the game is not too distressed because it is not their sweat.

The dynasties have paid attention to education, and books are indispensable as tools for education. Why do rulers focus on education? Because they need to publicize some ideas to come to the hearts of the people, the people can not rely on violence to rule as the cattle and sheep. It is said that Tang Taizong or Wei Zheng said that water can carry a boat or a boat. If there is no ordinary people, they will rule. So I can only think of brainwashing the people, instilling some messy theories, and constraining the people of ordinary people to treat these things as culture for a long time, but whoever sees the rulers of that generation advocates them with morality and morality. When the brothers who killed their own brothers in the past dynasties killed their own parents, every generation that killed the heroes who killed them for themselves was the righteous morality of the ruler’s propaganda.