Paper books and diaries

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How many people are still writing diaries in their diaries? In today’s world where technology is so developed, everyone estimates that they are using their computers to record their mood or state. However, I still prefer to use a notebook. If we have been typing on a computer all the time, then what do we use to learn to write? We should not lose the Chinese quintessence of calligraphy – calligraphy.
My parents’ most troublesome thing is the diary and books in my room, which now occupy 1/3 of the space in my room. My parents always said, “We all learn to use the computer to read the news. How do you still use the diary and read the paper? These are more space!” Perhaps my parents are more fashionable. I don’t know why I don’t like to read novels or philosophical books online. I like paper books not because of what others think is a long time facing the computer is not good for the eyes, too much radiation. Write a blog on QQ or WeChat or everyone else, can you insist on writing every day? is it possible? At least I can’t do it. What’s more, would anyone like to tell others what happened every day? I think it should not!
I like to write down the things, moods and daily accounts that happen every day. It may be a habit. If I don’t write one day, I feel like I have forgotten something, and I feel uncomfortable. Should this be a good habit? (At least I think so.) I also like to look at the diary I wrote before. Now think about it. I used to be stupid and did a lot of stupid things. I felt that I couldn’t get through, but now it’s not good. of? Just live your own life, we don’t have to live for others, we have to live for ourselves. Because everyone is unique and irreplaceable, don’t deny yourself because of the denial of others. Please believe in yourself! Just because I have suspected myself and denied myself, I will have such a present, we all need to grow up. On this road, we need to learn a lot, not just to learn to accept ourselves. If one can’t accept the worst of you, then he doesn’t deserve the most perfect of you, though, there are no perfect people in the world.
When I am sad, I like to hide in the book and watch the emotions of others, as if I can integrate myself. Sometimes, I can really feel the mood of the author and the environment in which he was. At the same time, I also like to record, good people like everything, so I like to write them down. Half of my family is my diary. One third of the diary is excerpted. Others are moods and things happening. I generally like to record special events because they make sense, at least It makes sense to me. This pen tip touches the feeling of paper, very nice!
In fact, using a diary is really better than using a computer. Let’s take a look at the benefits:
1. If you use the computer for a long time, you will not be able to write it. You can also practice the font with a diary;
2, the computer radiation is too big, the eyes are not good, use the diary to write, hold the pen, you can also practice sitting posture, so that you will not have hunchback troubles in the future;
3, the computer used for a long time is not good for the skin, it can also lead to women’s endocrine disorders;
4, the computer is used more, it will also lead us to not use our own brain, it will rust for a long time.
So, you still use paper books and diaries! How good it is to read on paper! You can reuse it, read it again and again, and as we grow older, we will feel different after reading. A paper diary may not always be preserved, and it will yellow over time. However, there are some things we don’t have to keep remembering, so it should be forgotten after a while, so it doesn’t make sense to keep things that are not important.