I always want to calm down and read some valuable books

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Recently, I always want to calm down and read some valuable books, because I always feel that my heart is a little impetuous, I can’t calm down. I feel that reading some philosophical books can help me understand the true meaning of the book, so I can understand life with my own text. Go to impetuousness, precipitate yourself with words, and let words drive away the pressure of thought and the pressure of life. On the other hand, I feel that my knowledge is extremely scarce. Although I can’t talk about charging, I can benefit from improving my own ideological connotation.

In fact, I still love reading books, but in memory, because of various factors, I have not read any valuable books, so I know less and know less. When I read an article today, my thinking can’t go along with the article, because I can’t understand an idiom, – [Khan Niudong], after checking Baidu: Khan Niudong, Tang Liu Zongyuan [Mr. Wentong Tomb Table] “It is a book, where the place is filled with dong, and the place is sweaty.” That is to say, books can be stored on the roof, and when the book is shipped, the cows can sweat. After describing a lot of books or books.

I, there is no collection of books, but it is also a book-lover. I remember that the textbooks that I graduated from primary school to college graduated were completely preserved. Although I didn’t read it, I never let go. However, after becoming a family, I still don’t know where my parents have moved.

As for the meaningful extracurricular books, I have read very little since I started school. I just remember that my uncle bought me a book called “Pinocchio”. It seems to be called Pinocchio. The memory is more profound and also for me. Little influence, the story can not be remembered, only know that the child can not lie, lying nose will continue to be long, so never dare to lie. I think this is the only extracurricular book that is more valuable to me.

Later, the extracurricular books I read at school around the age of 20 were Jin Yong’s martial arts novels and Qiong Yao’s romance novels. At that time, I was almost obsessed, and sometimes even secretly watched the novels in class, although I felt hidden very well. Can not escape the teacher’s eyes, then many students like to watch.