Books – sunny windows

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Books – sunny windows

The book is the crystallization of human knowledge, the treasure house of human thought, the ladder of human progress, and the beacon of human civilization.

The book is a window to the world, a tool to transform the coffin, a university that is open to the school, and a companion to life.

It’s better to have a wealth of books than a book. If there is no book in a family, just like there is no window in a house, life will lose sunlight, and the soul will be difficult to enrich.

Reading, you can learn from others, grow your talents; you can solve problems, be tired, and not tired; you can cultivate your sentiments and purify your soul. In short, with books as companions, life journeys are no longer lonely, spiritual life is full of sunshine and joy, and human life is more meaningful.

Like many book fans, I love to read books, but I can’t afford books. I can only hope to borrow books and rent books. It is reported that some individual bookstores in Nanjing are becoming more and more popular. Due to the large number of individual bookstores, simple procedures and convenient rental, they are very popular among readers. I hope that more good books will come out, and more libraries and individual bookstores will appear, providing readers with the opportunity to borrow books and rent books, attracting more people from the mahjong table and withdrawing from the dance hall. Squeeze more time, read more, read good books.

Since I love books, I walked through the streets of the capital of the autonomous region. Shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, restaurants, dance halls… high-rise buildings are so fascinating, but it is difficult to see libraries and reading rooms. The long-awaited library of the autonomous region has experienced ten wear and has not yet been completed. It is said that there are still more than half of counties and cities in Xinjiang. Many institutions, enterprises and institutions have not added a book to their libraries and reading rooms for many years. I think. Since science and education can’t be separated from books, people can’t live without books. Why can’t they squeeze out some funds for book construction?

In recent years, newspapers, radio, and television advertisements have been overwhelming, and more and more, only book advertisements are rarely seen. “People’s Daily” Huadong Edition organized the publication of book classified advertisements from this year. CCTV recently added the “Reading Time” program. The “Xinmin Evening News” has already opened a special edition of “Reading Music”. The Xinjiang Economic Radio Station recently launched “Reading well.” Book” essay activity. I am convinced that as long as the leadership attaches importance to the support of all walks of life, public support, the spring breeze of advocating books and studying hard will blow through the mountains and the north and the land of China.