Books are the best spiritual food for human beings

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The French thinker Montesquieu said: “Like reading, it is equivalent to changing the lonely light in life into a moment of great enjoyment.” Shakespeare said: “Books are the world’s nutritional products, there are no books in life, it seems that there is no sunshine; There are no books in wisdom, just like birds have no wings.”

As the saying goes, people have three treasures of spirit, and there are poems and poems in China. In order to gain knowledge, we have to study; in order to improve our cultivation, we have to study; in order to change our destiny, we still have to study. I remember an educated teacher said: How far your students can go, the key is how far the teacher can lead. Yes, to train students to like reading, teachers should first be a person who loves to read, and also a leader in student reading. Teachers must have strong professionalism and rich cultural knowledge, and they will be active in the classroom and will be vivid. Life will be more exciting. Teachers not only have to give students a bucket of water, but also a bucket of fresh water. Only in this way can our classroom truly become a stage for teachers to grow. As a teacher, we must constantly recharge, enrich our knowledge, and constantly improve our professional skills. Reading is the most effective way.

Reading – the wings of life flying. With it, we can skyrocket, fly to the blue sky, fly to success, fly higher and farther. With it, we can open the door to happiness and happiness.

Let us go into the books, or make a dream, or take a shower for thoughts, or seek the ingenuity of invaluable humans. In reading, we improve; in reading, we are happy; in reading, we gain.

Read it, harvest it, let us bathe in the book and enjoy it in the book. The book is gold, precious and precious; the book is sunshine and energy is infinite. In the reading, I am harvested; in reading, I grow up. I love reading, I love to harvest.