Time in the bookstore

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In the second and third grades, I opened a bookstore in front of my house. The time I was indulged in the bookstore on that day became my best memory.

As soon as I was free, I would rush into a narrow bookstore and follow the long spiral staircase to draw a good book from the wall. When I went to the end, I already had a book mountain in my hand. I indented the sofa in the corner and opened a thick book. The method of Sherlock Holmes’s superb approach is always unstoppable; the naughty naughty of the little peas in front of the window is always ridiculously laughed… the plain folk songs, the fragrance of the books and the soft lighting always make People are integrated into the lines of the book, as if they are there.
The light shining into the skylight gradually turned into a white moonlight. I remembered going home and hiding the books. I reluctantly walked out of the bookstore and went home with the moonlight.
Until the last day of the bookstore relocation, I still visited the bookstore as usual. I still stuffed those books into the unknown corners and looked forward to the next meeting.
After the bookstore moved away, the time for those readings is gone forever. The Harry Potter, which can never be read, the “Water Margin” that never had the courage to read, has become my most beautiful. Memories.

Zhang Qianrui Taiyuan Third Experimental Primary School, six classes and eight classes