24-hour city study in Daxing District, Beijing

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In addition to the intelligent book lending function, the smart study also combines multiple functions such as bookstore, coffee bar and cultural activity space. Since the trial operation in June this year, the study has more than 500 readers per day, and has borrowed 120 books per day. Nearly 500 readers have handled the “Beijing Public Library Joint Borrowing Card”. The maximum number of certificates issued per day is about 100. Nearly 2,000 people have joined the “Reading” Reading Club in Daxing District, and they hold an annual book sharing meeting and art. Appreciation, children’s painting exhibition and other public welfare reading activities 3 times, each 50 participants, to achieve the transition from “opening the last mile of public cultural services” to “services around”.

According to reports, the Daxing District Library and Leitu Zhiyue Company jointly constructed and managed. The district library provides self-service lending equipment and book resources. The company pays for site rent, property fees, renovation fees, purchases of bookshelf seats, provides daily operation services, and uses “book-autonomous associations and cultural and creative products to sell”. The government-enterprise cooperation mode of the study is an important embodiment of the socialization of the public cultural service supply body, which can further attract powerful cultural enterprises to participate in public cultural services.

At the same time as the study opened at the same time, there is also a reading plan for the whole people in Daxing District. The program is divided into four parts: “recommended”, “enjoyed”, “art” and “read”. It will be based on the “Reading Daxing” APP, as well as three 24-hour city study and gradually formed library branches. The public reading space cluster constructed by the system brings a variety of public cultural services such as online book recommendation, borrowing, rafting, notes, offline reading and sharing, famous forums, art appreciation, etc. A member of the Chinese Writers Association, a famous writer and translator, Ping Ping attended the opening ceremony and as the opening guest of the program “Enjoy”, he brought wonderful work sharing and exchange activities to the audience.

It is reported that 2018 is a key year for Daxing District to establish the Capital Public Cultural Service Demonstration Zone. Daxing District will further rationally plan the public reading space, continue to launch about 10 intelligent libraries, deepen and improve the “Reading Daxing” APP service terminal, and gradually establish a convenient reading environment for online and offline interconnections for the masses in the region, and create a more robust environment. The “Book of Daxing” reading atmosphere.